Welcome to the EBTI/CBETA Conference 2008

When: February, Friday 15th - Sunday 17th, 2008
(Taipei City tour on Monday 18th; Post-conference Workshops: February 19-20, 2008)
Where: Dharma Drum Buddhist College 法鼓佛教研修學院, Jinshan 金山, Taipei County, Taiwan R.o.C
Contact: Dr. Marcus Bingenheimer (m.bingenheimer@gmail.com)

Conference Topics:

Conference Background:

This conference is organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA) and the fifteenth year since the founding of The Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative (EBTI).

CBETA was founded with the aim of creating electronic versions of the Buddhist scriptures of the highest quality and greatest range of applicability - not only to reproduce the texts accurately, but to explore new approaches to the development, display, and distribution of research technology and methodology. CBETA has also strived to develop its results and methods openly in a way that could serve as a model to other, similar projects. For further information see the CBETA website.

The EBTI was started for the purpose of sharing information and providing an organizational network for the task of inputting Buddhist canonical text collections. It soon rapidly widened in scope in response to the growing need to deal with a wide range of issues connected with the input, preservation, organization, and access of digital research data for use in the humanities. For further information see the EBTI website.

The conference will bring together scholars who have been employing the data and research tools released by CBETA and other digital projects benefiting Buddhist Studies, for the sake of posing questions that have not been asked before. Through promoting investigations into innovative and promising research avenues, we hope to inspire an exchange of ideas leading to new types of collaborative projects.

We invite papers that demonstrate how the digital scriptures and reference tools in Buddhist Studies can be usefully combined with other resources to create larger, even more powerful resources, as well as papers that deal with the compilation, maintenance, and publication of digital reference works for Buddhist Studies.

The conference also hopes to allow some critical self-reflection and stock-taking, which might indicate areas where digital resources have not been helpful, or maybe even imposed hindrances to research. Papers that critically deal with such topics are thus especially encouraged.

Another important aim of this conference will be to discuss the foundation of a loose network of Buddhist digital archives and projects, tentatively named "Integrated Buddhist Archives" IBA. We believe that such a network will be useful for the field of Buddhist Studies, and hope to start a working group that will organize and manage concrete cooperative projects. Please read our draft proposal for the IBA. All comments and suggestions are welcome.