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【 Scripture and Canon 】

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA)

Concordance Tool: http://dev.ddbc.edu.tw/concordance/
Content:The Taishō and the Manji Shinsan Zokuzōkyō editions of the Buddhist Canon, including XML (TEI5) source files

CBETA (Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association) is the world's foremost producer of Buddhist digital texts. The Library and Information Center staff provides programming support for CBETA and is responsible for the online search interface. CBETA was founded in 1998 and has digitized the Indian and Chinese part of the Taisho edition, the Manji Zokuzōkyō, and is now looking forward to expand their text base further. Present projects and future plans include new punctuation, linking with image databases of other canonical editions, integration of the Chinese texts with their Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan parallels, and a new multi-lingual search interface.


Research Material for the Manchu Buddhist Canon

Content: Image files of the Manchu Buddhist Canon, Canon Catalog, a Manchu-Chinese-Sanskrit glossary and a research bibliography

The Manchu Buddhist Canon at the Dharma Drum Buddhist College is one of only twenty reprints made from the original woodblocks in 2001. We maintain a modest archive for the small community of researchers interested in Manchu language and culture. The collection comprises a bibliography, a Chinese-Manchu-Tibetan catalog of the Manchu Canon, a Manchu-Chinese-Sanskrit Buddhist glossary and image files of selected sutras.

Resp.: Marcus Bingenheimer


A Digital Comparative Edition and Translation of the Shorter Chinese Saṃyukta Āgama

Content: A multilingual parallel edition of the Shorter Chinese Saṃyukta Āgama

The Digital Comparative Edition of the Bieyi za ahan jing 別譯雜阿含經 (BZA) is a project undertaken by the Dharma Drum Buddhist College 法鼓佛教學院 and funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange 蔣經國國際學術交流基金會.

This comparative digital edition:

  • provides new punctuation for the BZA and the Za ahan jing 雜阿含經 (ZA) sutras
  • corrects and documents mistakes in previous editions
  • distinguishes and visualizes parallel and non-parallel passages between the BZA and other Chinese and Pāli versions, enabling the user to conveniently compare the different texts of a cluster
  • refines and expands the contents of the 364 text clusters
  • provides an annotated English translation of selected sections of the BZA
  • enables statistical linguistic analysis by creating aligned parallel corpora (not online)
  • is extensible and allows for further material to be added
  • provides a basis for future digital editions of Buddhist literature with regard to markup and content management

A Critical, Digital Edition of the Song gaoseng zhuan

Content: A critical annotated edition of the Song-dynasty collection of Eminent Monks 宋高僧傳 (dated 988) by Zanning 贊寧 (919-1001)

The Songgaoseng zhuan Project (2010-2013) aims to produce a best digital edition of the text, which synthesizes and significantly expands the collation and annotation of previous editions.

Based on the textcritical notes provided in the Zhonghua shuju edition prepared by Fan (1993), and the annotations of the Japanese translation in the Kokuyakku Issaikyou prepared by Tsukamoto and Makita (1958), we add our own copious notes and corrections that are aimed at a modern Chinese readership. The online interface identifies all place and person names as well as dates and visualizes the places mentioned in the biographies on an interactive map. The edition is made available as TEI source file as well as through the interface. A print version is planned for 2013/2014.

The Songgaoseng zhuan Project is funded by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation.


A Multi-lingual Database of the Lotus-Sutra

Content: Digital Comparative Edition of Manuscript Sources for the Lotus Sutra

本計畫由故國際知名學者戶田宏文博士(於2003/08往生)及立正大學三友健教授(Dr. MITOMO Kenyo) 與本所共同執行的「蔣經國學術基金會計畫」。本計畫擬以漢譯《法華經》為主軸,佐 以其他各種版本 的《法華經》寫本,進行蒐集、研究,並製作成數位資料。進而,建構梵文寫本 與漢譯本及其它譯本的 比對,並建立一大型的資料庫,藉由網路資源,廣為流傳於國際間,以 作 為現代研究教學之參考與應用 。

含發現於尼泊爾、西藏、中亞、以及在北巴基斯坦的基爾基特的梵文法華經寫本或殘卷。並盡力 收集分 別館藏於尼泊爾寫本檔案館(Nepalese manuscripts Archive)、大谷大學圖書館(Otani Collection) 、大英圖書館 斯坦因收藏(Stein and Hoernle Collection)、劍橋大學圖書館( Libraries at Cambridge University)等處的各種寫 本,並以科判比對及參考文獻等方式呈現。


Yogācārabhūmi Database

Website: http://ybh.ddbc.edu.tw
http://ybh.ddbc.edu.tw 2008 (IE6+ opera9+ safari Firefox2.0+)
Content: Sanskrit Chinese Full text Search. Comparative Edition

漢譯佛典是中國人可以滋養人類精神文明的文化遺產。在諸多漢譯佛典中,《瑜伽師地論》記載 著瑜伽師(修行者,禪師)的修行階位與境界,也是一部精緻精神生活的追求者之百科全書。

本計畫(89/08/01~92/07/31)由國科會補助,惠敏法師主持,於中華佛學研究所進行三年的研究計劃 。將《瑜伽師地論》及其綱要書、異譯本(三經二論)、諸注釋書、梵文原典、藏譯本等 佛典電子化, 並整合參考書目、解題及工具書等,設計使用介面及參照等功能。

本計劃於工具列中依序提供「解題」、「科判」、「梵漢藏全文檢索」、「辭典」、「參考書目 」、「 藏經查詢」,以及「Goto」、「引用複製」與「全文檢索」等功能。


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【 Buddhism in Taiwan 】

Buddhist Temples in Taiwan

Website: http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/taiwanbudgis/
Content: Database of Taiwanese temples and Buddhist sites

This project maintains the largest database of Taiwanese Buddhist temples and centers. We have collected data on more than 5000 temples. The data is geographically and historically referenced and presented via Google Maps. The database records place and name changes of the temples allowing to trace their development over time. Users can query the database in various way, even get directions for visits. In addition, the project is building a large, open-source image database of Taiwanese temples to augment the descriptions contained in the temple database itself.


Taiwan Fojiao Journal

Website: http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/taiwan_fojiao/
Content: Full-text and Scans of Taiwan Fojiao 台灣佛教

This project has digitized one of the most important sources for the study of Taiwanese Buddhism from 1947-1970. The journal Taiwan Fojiao 台灣佛教 contains valuable information on events, practices and policies that are not documented elsewhere. The material is presented as full-text together with scans from the original.


Taiwan Buddhism Archive

Content: Digital archive of materials pertaining to Buddhism in Taiwan

This archive maintains the digital sources on Taiwanese Buddhism that have been produced under the guidiance of Aming Tu over the course of the years. The collection includes excerpts from Ming and Qing dynasty gazetteers, full-text and scans of the South Seas Buddhist Magazine (南瀛佛教會會報) from the Japanese colonial period, and post-1945 publications on Taiwanese Buddhism in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Digital Museum of Taiwanese Buddhism

Content: Archive of texts, journals and virtual places regarding Taiwanese Buddhism

本計畫擬承續多年來資料庫建構經驗及大量全文文獻典藏經驗及佛學數位博物館的應用等經驗, 建構真正屬於台灣三百年多來的佛教資料庫,並依最新的發展結合網路、多媒體、視覺設計、腳 本設計、內容管理及檢索技術等,建立一國際化,且屬於各年齡層適用的台灣佛教數位博物館。 含台灣佛教寺院介紹.文教組織介紹.佛教人物介紹.文化藝術的發展,以及寺院虛擬巡禮讓使 用者身歷其境。其能也讓國際人士瞭解台灣目前蓬勃發展的本土化台灣佛教文化與歷史背景。

一、 台灣佛教主題館

1. 台灣佛教寺院
2. 台灣佛學院所與教育
3. 台灣佛教圖書館
4. 台灣佛教人物

二、 台灣佛教文獻檢索
三、 寺院文化地圖
四、 台灣佛教文物
五、 佛院虛擬巡禮
六、 台灣佛教尋旅互動式學習
七、 資料庫工具區


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【 Bibliographies, Catalogs and Publications 】

Buddhist Authority Databases

Content:Authority Databases for Chinese dates and Buddhist names

The Authority Databases at DDBC provide all our projects with unique IDs for names and dates. Currently we offer 3 types of authorities. Outside users are welcome to use this resource for their own projects, but cannot edit the databases themselves. The interface allows for queries and generation of IDs.

1. Authority Database of Buddhist personal names extracted from canonical and extra-canonical sources
2. Authority Database of Buddhist place names extracted from canonical and extra-canonical sources, with longitude and latitude
3. Authority Database of Chinese calendar dates. All days mapped to the Gregorian calendar (220 BC to 1900 CE).

CHIBS/DDBC Publications

Content: Website of the Chung-hwa Buddhist Journal and Dharma Drum Buddhist College publications

《中華佛學學報》(Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal)由財團法人中華佛學研究所發行,以佛學研究為主,刊載國內外佛教相關之文、史、哲、藝術、心理、教育等學術性論文,廣納佛典詮釋、佛教藝術、佛學電子資訊等各領域研究。

《中華佛學學報》前身為《華岡佛學學報》(Hwakang Buddhist Journal),於1979年創刊,八年後(1987)正式更名為《中華佛學學報》,並邀集海內外知名學者五十餘人擔任審稿人及組織編輯委員會,每年定期出刊,以中、英、日等數種語言,發表重要的學術研究成果;同時獎勵大陸學者論文著作,促進兩岸學術交流。



《法鼓佛學學報》訂購方式,請郵政劃撥帳號 50017849,戶名「財團法人法鼓佛教學院」。定價為新台幣500元,美金30元。

1. 華岡佛學學報 [全文首頁]
2. 中華佛學學報 [全文首頁]
3. 中華佛學研究 [全文首頁]
4. 法鼓佛學學報 [全文首頁]
5. 佛學論叢 [全文首頁]


Integrated Catalog of Tripitaka Editions

Content: Database of ancient and modern catalogs of editions of the Buddhist canon

A database of the traditional sutra catalogs contained in the canon. The web-interface allows users to check all occurrences of a sutra in the canonical catalogs, together with the information associated, such as translator/author, number of fascicles etc.


Bibliographical Database of Republican Era Buddhist Journals

Database of articles in Republican era Buddhist journals

This is a complete catalog of a largecollection of Republican Era (1911-1949) Buddhist journals. The Minguo fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng民國佛教期刊文獻集成 in 209 volumes together with its supplement of 86 volumes is an important resource for the study of early 20th century Buddhism. Existing indices and tables of content, however, are insufficient. We are building a comprehensive database of articles currently running at more than 100,000 entries. Together with legacy data from another project covering Chinese articles and monographs on Buddhist studies, this will constitute the world’s largest database of Chinese Buddhist secondary material.

Bibliotheca Sacra Birmanica

Content: Catalog of and information on 245 palmleaf manuscripts in our library collection

The Burmese manuscript collection of DDBC comprises 245 palm-leaf manuscripts containing 458 texts. Of these 446 were identified by Jacqueline Filliozat and Peter Nyunt, who cataloged the collection. Most texts - 127 titles - belong to the Vinaya. Texts related to Suttantapitaka are represented by 66 titles, while 67 texts belong to the Abhidhamma. Next to narrative literature, poetry and historiographical works the collection includes 49 grammars or lexical works.

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【 Miscelleanous 】

Glossaries for Buddhist Studies


Website (development): http://dev.ddbc.edu.tw/glossaries/
Website (stable): http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/glossaries/glossaries.php
Content: A growing collection of Buddhist Studies glossaries offered in various formats (xml-tei, html, pdf, epub etc.).
For more information please visit the website above.


Visualizing and Querying Chinese Buddhist Biographies

Website (development): dev.ddbc.edu.tw/biographies/
Website (stable): http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/biographies/
Content:The collections of hagio-biographies of eminent Buddhist monks and nuns are one of the most interesting sources for the study of Chinese Buddhism. Our project uses TEI to markup a number of biographical collections, which together contain more than 2900 hagio-biographies.

This projects provides three different interfaces:

A. GIS based study of the Biographies of Eminent Monks

This is the GIS (Geographical Information System) view and biography reader. Read the biography on the left panel, follow links over person and place names and dates for more information. Numbers refer to nexus points, i.e. events where, according to the source, people, places and dates are connected.
URL: http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/biographies/gis/

B. Social network visualization of Buddhist biographical literature

This is the Social Network view of the Buddhist Biographies dataset. Clicking on a person node displays information from the person authority database on the right. Clicking on a link gives information about the nexus point and offers links back into the text.

The scope of the visualization can be filtered according to persons involved, time and collection.

Timeline of Buddhist biographical literature

This is the Timeline view of the Buddhist Biographies dataset. Different colors in the life span indicate certain (exact) or projected (approximated) dates. Actors are sorted according to death date, because data for death dates is usually more reliable than for birth dates. To start the timeline search for a person or enter your period of interest.

Buddhist Temple Gazetteers

Website (development): dev.ddbc.edu.tw/fosizhi/
Website (stable): buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw/fosizhi/
Content: Image database for more than 200 Chinese Buddhist Temple Gazetteers

This archive is in the main a image database of Buddhist temple gazetteers. Metadata for each image allows basic searchability of chapter and section headings. Fourteen gazetteers will be available as full-text (XML/TEI). For the full-text gazetteers names of places and persons as well as dates will be annotated with information from the authority databases in tooltips.

Development and Application of Chinese Cross-Lingual Term Extraction for Buddhist Digital Archives

Content: Research project concerning automated term extraction from Buddhist Chinese



A. 抽辭演算法 / Indices and Algorithms
B. 多語言佛學語料庫 / Cross-Language Corpora
C. CBETA 全文資源分析統計 / CBETA Statitstics
D. 語用索引檢索系統 / Concordance Search


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【 Mulitimedia Collections 】

The Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Multimedia Research Archive

Content: Recordings of teachings from the Dalai Lama and eminent Rinpoches . Download archive of Audio files.

The Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Multimedia Research Archive is a digital resource freely available across the internet for scholars seeking oral commentary to compliment their textual research into Tibetan Buddhism. The Hopkins Archive has as its basis the magnetic tape collection of the many important oral teachings given to Jeffrey Hopkins by a cadre of the best-educated Tibetan Lamas of the Twentieth century. Professor Hopkins (Emeritus, University of Virginia), a leading scholar of Tibetan Buddhism, was one of the first Americans to master both the literary and colloquial aspects of the Tibetan language.

The magnetic archive consists of over three thousand hours of authentic oral transmission on many scholarly and cultural aspects of Tibetan Buddhism. The digital archive (after its first two years) consists of 1305 files with 197.8 gigabytes and total duration of197 hours. It includes teachings of both the old and new translation schools and virtually all traditional Buddhist philosophical topics, exoteric and esoteric, not to mention ancillary topics such as Tibetan history, medicine, and so forth. The Hopkins Archive features a wide range of oral commentary by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and twenty-four other eminent Lamas of the generation trained in Tibet during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

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【 Collected Works 】

Master Dongchu Anniversary Edition

Content: A comprehensive archive of the works of Master Dongchu. Includes images, scans of the journal Rensheng, recordings of interviews with contemporaries
Notice: This archive is also distributed as CD. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it us.

In 2006 Prof. Aming Tu planned the digitisation of the eight volumes of the "Collected Works of Master Dongchu". The digitization started in March 2006 and a first edition of the CD was made available in December the same year. Master Dongchu (1907-1977) was the teacher of Venerable Shengyan, the founder of Dharma Drum. He came to Taiwan in 1949 and started on of the first Buddhist Journals - called Rensheng 人生 - in Taiwan. All numbers of Rensheng edited by Dongchu are included in this archive. Dongchu was renown for his learning. His works on the history of Buddhist exchanges between India, China and Japan were important contributions to Chinese Buddhist scholarship.

The archive also includes some records of oral history, video and audio records of interviews with Dongchu's friends and aquaintances.

The Collected Works of Master Shengyen


1999年適值聖嚴法師七十壽慶,法鼓文化再度將《法鼓全集》重新整理、增補,重新彙編為七十 冊九大 輯。紙本《法鼓全集》自出版以來,已普遍受到個人、學校及國內外各級圖書館的典藏, 深入廣大的讀 者群中。

2001年為因應十倍速電子時代的發展,《法鼓全集》進一步以光碟版的型式呈現,並提供功能 齊備的 檢索程式,大大便利了資料的查閱與蒐集,有效節省可觀的時間與人力。相信光碟版《 法 鼓全集》的發 行,必能進一步利益更多學人,讓人間佛法傳遞無遠弗屆!

第一輯為學術論著類;第二輯為佛教史學類;第三輯收錄歷來對佛教事物、人物評述之文章;第 四輯則 為指導禪修的開示;第五輯為初學佛者的入門書籍;第六輯為自傳及遊記;第七輯為佛經 的現代語釋譯 ;第八輯則為針對社會、人生問題的通俗開示;第九輯為外文著作。

本專輯光碟提供《法鼓全集》HTML HELP全文及關鍵字檢索。網路版除全文檢索外,還提供 全文 2000多個條目的分類整理。光碟版需向法鼓文化購買,網路版僅提供法鼓山內部體系使用 。


Professor Li Zhifu Anniversary CD

Website:http://www.chibs.edu.tw/ch_html/ch08_0303(LiZhifu).html This archive is only distributed as CD. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it us.
Content: Collected works, texts and images of Professor Li Zhifu.

中華佛學研究所李志夫所長,二十多年來除了對研所行政事務付出無限心力外,仍致力於專研佛 學學術 文獻,培養無數優秀佛教學者。故擬將所長學術成就及對研所之貢獻,其學生與友人專訪 、各時期的文 物照片數位化等,做有系統之整理,且將出版光碟專輯,以感恩李所長對研所的 長 期付出及奉獻。



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